Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction (SCFE-CO2) is a process in which the objective compound is extracted and/or separated from its material using supercritical carbon dioxide(SCFE-CO2 ) as solvent. The supercritical state of a matter means that both its temperature and pressure are higher than the critical temperature respectively. SCFE-CO2 is based on the large difference in dissolubility of carbon dioxide at different temperature and/or pressure.As a result,we can control conveniently the selectivity and comple-teness of extraction by changing the temperature and pressure of carbon dioxide. The outstanding advance of SCFE-CO2 are " low temperature, high efficiency, and low pollution”.

Process Features of SCFE-CO2 

Solvent: liquid or sub-liquid carbon dioxide or  mixture solvent    

Dissolving: controllable, strong dissolving capability for organic matters

Extracting: strengthened extraction at high  pressure, rapid andcomplete

Separating: easy

Selectivity: controllable with temperature, pressure and co-solvent)

Operating: half auto-controlling, convenient                                                                                                                                                        

Technical Advantages of SCFE-CO2

As a solvent, the colorless, odorless, tasteless, non- toxic and inert carbon dioxide leads to green and healthy products and safe   operating.

 As a gas at room temperature, carbon dioxide does not remain in the product and can be separated  easily during production.

Due to low extraction temperature, generally about 30ºC, the products are very natural and original. 

Due to the strong penetrability and dissolving capability of SCFE-CO2,the extraction is very fast and complete companied by controllable   selectivity.

High-pressure carbon dioxide has sterilization and anti-oxidation effects.

The extraction is conducted in a close dark system,which avoids the decomposing of product caused by light.

There will exist no or trace heavy metals and pesticide in the SCFE products.

Advantages of SCFE-CO2 Products

Application of SCFE-CO2 products

 Spices and flavorings

 Raw material of fragrance

 Cosmetics and daily chemical

 Natural coloring matter

 Natural antioxidant

 Natural bactericide and pesticide

 Medicine stuff or ingredients

 Active ingredients for health products

 Organic foods

Application of SCFE-CO2 products

Applications of SCF technology

1. Medicine Industry

  • Separation-purification of active compounds in the  Chinese traditional medicine
  •  Concentration & refining of medicinal crude stuff
  •  Separation-refining of lipid mixture
  •  Removal of organic solvents
  •  Preparation of nano-meter organic pharmaceuticals
  •  Supercritical carbon dioxide sterilization

2. Food and Ferment Industry

  •  Separation of resultants from the thalli mixture
  •  Extraction of flavor and fragrance
  •  Extraction of lipids from animals or herbals
  •  Extraction of natural antioxidants
  •  Extraction of edible coloring matter
  •  Removal of peculiar smell, color, acid and organic  solvent
  •  Removal of injurant and toxicant

3. Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry    

  •  Extraction of botanical essential oils and flavors
  •  Refining or purifying of botanical essential oils and  flavors 
  •  Extraction of functional ingredients 

  • Preparation of nano-meter particles

4. Daily Used Chemicals Industry

  •  Extraction of disinfectant and bactericide
  •  Extraction of enhancing flavor matter
  •  Extraction of functional ingredients

5. Petroleum And Chemical Industry

  •  Removal of the residual petroleum
  •  Regeneration of lubricant
  •  Catalytic synthetics in supercritical fluid
  •  Preparation and regeneration of high active catalyst
  •  Refining of the stuff in organic synthesis
  •  Separation of co-boiling mixture
  •  Reclaiming of reaction stuff

6. Environment Protection Industry

  •  Removal of heavy metals in stuff,clay,radioactive waste water and so on
  • Washing of precision instruments and  election elements
  • Supercritical dyeing
  • Supercritical spraying-painting

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