Molecular Distillation Technology

Molecular distillation is a special kind of liquid-liquid separation technology operated in high vacuum (0.1~10Pa) and it’s also called short-path distillation.  



It has the characteristics of low distillation temperature , high vacuum , short heating time for material , high degree of separation, etc. In addition, molecular distillation process is not reversible, and there is no bubbling and boiling phenomenon, therefore, it’s ideal for the separation of heat-sensitive, high boiling poit , oxidizable materials. And it’s also suitable for the deacidify and dewater of the material.

Application and equipment

At present, molecular distillation is widely used in the field of herbs extraction, petrochemical, food, cosmetics, agriculture, etc. 

The equipment of molecular distillation includes feeding system, evaporator, fraction collection system, cooling system, vacuum system and controlling system.


Working principle


Separation can be achieved because of the difference of the mean free

path of the different molecules. When the liquid mixture flows along the

heating plate and is heated,light and heavy liquid molecules escape into 

the gas phase because of difference molecules after escaping from liquid

surface.If a condensation palte can be set up property,the light molecu-

les can reach condensation surface and condensate and be exhausted ,

the heavy molecules can not reach condensation surface and be exhau-

sted. In this way, the purpose of the separation material is achieved.

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